JustPhone® is the simplest communication tool with a superior user experience for seniors and people with physical and cognitive challenges

Why JustPhone® is unique?


Voice Activation

JustPhone® has no screen to look at, no buttons to push (actually, only one). One can simply call others using voice commands.

Speech based interaction with patented dynamic “Voice TelephoneBook” management provides hands-free operation.

JustPhone® has very precise speech recognition, Machine Learning algorithm helps to learn and adjust specifically to the voice of the speaker.


Durable. Reliable.

JustPhone®’s unique design is extremely durable, there are no moving parts and not much to break. There are no holes where water or dust can penetrate and damage the phone.





Magnetic Charger does not require vision or hand coordination – magnetic adapter connects hassle-free


Superior Reception

Since there is not keyboard or screen there is enough space to place the best possible antenna with minimum interference and maximum reception.


Superior Battery Life

JustPhone® is very energy efficient. There is no need to power an illuminated screen and powerful processor. Its design is minimalist and built with low power consumption components. Also, there is enough space to place a good sized and powerful battery.

million visually impaired in the world
million blind in the world
billion smart phones in the world
phone brand for the visually impaired