Just Voice. Just Talk. JustPhone®.

JustPhone® is the simplest phone for the elderly visually impaired

million visually impaired in the world
million blind in the world
billion smart phones in the world
phone brand for the visually impaired

JustPhone®’s mission is to help people with vision problems to stay in touch in a very simple and efficient way.

Why JustPhone® is unique?

JustPhone Voice Activation

Voice Activation

JustPhone® is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the visually impaired. It has no screen to look at, no buttons to push (actually, only one). One can simply call others using voice commands. JustPhone® has very precise speech recognition, it learns and adjusts specifically to the voice of the speaker. Our revolutionary patent-pending “Voice Address Book” provides complete hands-free operation.

JustPhone Durable Reliable

Durable. Reliable.

JustPhone®’s unique design is extremely durable, there are no moving parts and not much to break. There are no holes where water or dust can penetrate and damage the phone. JustPhone® can even float!

JustPhone Charges Wirelessly.

Charges Wirelessly.

As the phone has no holes, there is nowhere to plug in a power charger. JustPhone® charges wirelessly.


Superior Reception

Since there is not keyboard or screen there is enough space to place the best possible antenna with minimum interference and maximum reception.


Superior Battery Life

JustPhone® is very energy efficient. There is no need to power an illuminated screen and powerful processor. Its design is minimalist and built with low power consumption components. Also, there is enough space to place a good sized and powerful battery.

Not everyone has good or any vision.
But we humans are social beings
and can’t live without communicating to each other.

Unfortunately, the technology is moving towards bigger screens, better resolution, more complexity, but not to human friendliness.

People with good vision are spoiling their vision by spending so much time on illuminating screens,
yet having good vision becoming blind to each other while staring at their so called “SmartPhones”.

The 1996 Telecommunication Act requires all manufacturers build phones that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.
But, no single phone satisfy the needs of blind and visually impaired...


JustPhone® naturally fits in your hand, clearly speaks to your ear and carefully listens to your voice.


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