JustPhone® is the simplest mobile phone available for seniors who prefer or need a simple phone for daily living!

Family caregivers will feel assured that mom or dad
can use JustPhone® independently whether they are aging-in-place at home, living in a senior community, or resident in assisted living or nursing care.

What is JustPhone®?


Voice Activation

JustPhone® has no screen to read, no buttons to dial, and no virtual keyboard to type … JustPhone has only one activation button! Just press the button to activate the onboard Voice Concierge who will guide you via voice commands to make phone calls, save Contacts in your own voice into the patented “Voice Phone Book” completely hands-free, send and receive audio text messages, and more useful everyday features. JustPhone®’s integrated Machine Learning technology trains itself to recognize your voice.


Comfortable Size and Sturdy Design

JustPhone® looks and feels like a traditional phone. JustPhone® holds comfortably and securely in your hand and fits conveniently in most purse or jacket pockets. Its sturdy design and rubberized coating make it both durable and water resistant. Remember, there’s no screen to worry about dropping and breaking. Connect the neck lanyard for additional security.



Magnetic Charging Adapter

JustPhone® considers the special needs of our consumers. Its Magnetic Charger connects hassle-free since it does not require vision or hand coordination.


Excellent Reception

Ideal antenna positioning provides maximum reception and minimal interference for clear communication.


Superior Battery Life

JustPhone®  energy efficient and designed for low power consumption since there is no screen to power and illuminate. Its integrated powerful battery will last many hours of talk time.

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